Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tell me about your baby

Elvis' story began... On a foggy night in February 2006, he was only 18 lbs and was handed off the bus to us. Two months before we had lost our beloved Heidi of 13 years to cancer. We weren't sure we could ever fill the hole in our heart that she left but the pictures Jaxie kept sending were so intriguing. This funny little puppy with the spotted tongue. We later found out that he was a mix of chow and Akita. Jaxie described his temperament, how he liked to play and what he liked to eat. She said how her granddaughter fell in love with him. As the time grew closer to the day we were to meet the bus, Jaxie kept in constant contact. We felt as if she was handing over her own baby. The bus arrived just as scheduled, a kind smiling man placed Elvis in my arms and I can remember my hubby saying we'd never let him go. The next morning we took him for the all clear with Dr. Hutchinson and enrolled him in school. Two years later, at 54 lbs, he has a sister named Gracie and friends that he meets every Saturday at Best Friends. I can remember every year of Heidi's life and how beautiful she was and now instead of tears, I smile and wish that she could have been here to know Elvis and how wonderful he is. We can never repay the gift Jaxie has given us in Elvis.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! They are very sweet!

We adopted Sandi and Pebbles (formerly Gloria and Mary Poppins) from Beebe in June of 2007. After losing two dogs within a year to two different illnesses, we were heartbroken and empty. We found our way to Jaxie thru Jaxie is a caring and compassionate person and we wouldn't adopt a pet from anyone else now!

Our yorkies were rescued from a puppy mill. When we got them, both were healthy, but very underweight. They already had litters in their short little lives. They have transformed from timid, scared, caged animals to two little spoiled princesses.

We look forward to a trip to Beebe, AR this summer to meet her and help her at the shelter! If anyone is interested in joining us, please email me at

scintilation said...

I hope I'm not too late. Count me in as I too spoke t o Jaxie
last year after she did a Yorkie
raid. Guess that is where you got
your little lovebugs from. Pls
contact me and let me know if I
can make the trip with you.